Girls consultation hours

The first visit to the gynecologist

The first visit to the gynecologist is always a bit exciting. Puberty leads to major physical and mental changes and most girls have many questions and insecurities about their own bodies:
  • Are my physical changes normal? Some things are so different from my girlfriend.
  • I have pain with my period, what can I do?
  • My periods are irregular or very heavy – is this normal?
  • I am dissatisfied with my height/weight/shape.
  • I have my first boyfriend…and so many questions.
  • I want to start birth control, but what is the right birth control for me?
  • What is the HPV vaccination and where can I get vaccinated?
We take the time to talk to you about all the topics that are important to you. You are also welcome to come to the girls’ consultation with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your mother. As a rule, we do not carry out an examination unless requested to do so.
We look forward to seeing you!
Everything that is discussed is of course strictly confidential and is subject to medical confidentiality – this also applies to the Parents!