Support during pregnancy

An important part of our practice is the accompaniment of the desire to have children through pregnancy to birth and childbirth.

About 90 percent of pregnancies are uncomplicated. We contribute to this with comprehensive prenatal care and, if the worst comes to the worst, we can take appropriate measures in good time to protect you and your child.

The statutory prenatal care in Germany is at a very high level and includes the following services, which we of course offer you.

Blood pressure, weight checks, assessment of the cervix, the cervix, the level of the uterus and the vaginal flora

Blood type, immunity to rubella, antibodies, chlamydia screening, Lues, HIV and hepatitis B screening, urine testing

(around the 10th / 20th and 30th week of pregnancy), including extended organ ultrasound.

(OGTT): Test to rule out gestational diabetes

Vaccinations during pregnancy that are expressly recommended by the RKI and the Professional Association of Gynecologists are against flu and whooping cough. Other vaccinations are also possible and can be useful.

Testing of the embryo for chromosomal abnormalities: trisomy 13, 18, 21 (Down syndrome). For this purpose, blood is taken from the pregnant woman.

This examination measures the blood flow in the placenta and in the child.

The child’s heart rate is recorded for half an hour. This examination provides information about the well-being of the child.

Services not covered by statutory health insurance:

We are legally obliged to inform you about the latest medical developments, regardless of the fact that certain services are not covered by statutory health insurance.

That is why we also offer you the following services – more security for you and your child:

Serological blood test for toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus (CMV), ringworm, chickenpox

Gender can only be made in connection with the NIPT

It makes sense to check the growth and well-being of your child about every four weeks with an ultrasound. Many parents are also happy to see their child at such an early age.

Up to 10% of pregnant women develop gestational diabetes. 20% of this can only be discovered via the increased fasting blood sugar, which is not measured with the small OGTT.

20% of all people have streptococci in their normal skin flora. this has no disease value. However, during birth, it can be transmitted to the newborn and cause life-threatening infections. Therefore, all pregnant women who have been diagnosed with streptococci receive antibiotics during childbirth.

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